< Three Mentoring Formats >

Mentoring sessions

< Three Mentoring Formats >

One-on-One Quick-fix Mentoring Sessions

Experience a 20-minute pre-scheduled personal discussion with one of our mentors on the topic of your choice in a calm atmosphere, outside the event bustle. Use quick-fix sessions to dive into your company’s pain points, like product development, legal issues, and sales and find potential solutions for them. This is a 20-minute session in a private setting on a topic of your choice, meant for (co-)founders only.

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Group Mentoring Sessions

Experience a longer, 45-minute pre-scheduled group mentoring session on a specific pain point together with up to four of your peer (co-)founders with one of our experienced mentors. Sitting around the table will let you exchange your viewpoints and looking for the best solutions. Group mentoring sessions will take place in a calmer atmosphere, outside of the event bustle.

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Topic Deep Dives with Mentors

If you are not exactly sure what your problem is, don’t worry – just apply for Topic Meetups with Mentors, where a curated batch of founders will discuss key challenges and solutions on a presented topic through a Q&A session. The topic will be presented by one of our keynote speakers or other distinguished Podim experts. Each Meetup is a 45-minute session in a private setting on a predefined topic, meant for startup & scaleup team members only.

"The best thing though is to see all these great mentors come together and then all these startups bringing their own experiences together and seeing the light flickering on like the light bulb above the head is really exciting to see."

Jacob Goldman

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