Podim DX Satellite #6 – The Future of Cloud

Thursday, 30th of September 2021 at 18.50 – 20.00

Event partner: Oracle

Cloud Computing is one of the most significant trends in changing times where quick and efficient adoption is the only way to survive. Cloud is the backbone of the data-driven, app-based ecosystem that is enabling us to manage this change.




On this Podim DX Satellite event we will discuss the most important trends that are shaping cloud computing and all the opportunities related to it. Top experts and entrepreneurs will discuss trends like multi-cloud approach, the role of AI, hybrid and on-premise solutions, gaming and gamification, virtualization, EDGE Cloud Computing and new emerging business models.

We will also address opportunities for startups and technology companies in this space and how we can leverage and harness the power of cloud computing.

Satellite Event Will take part in three parts:

  • Keynote summarizing key trends held by renowned cloud expert and professor
  • Panel with tech entrepreneurs and cloud solution experts
  • Q&A session with cloud experts

Join Prof. Dr. Matjaž B. Jurič, renowned cloud expert and professor, Tomaž Levak, co-founder of Origintrail, Julij Božič, ROMASI Technology Cloud Leader and Oracle Slovenia Country Leader and Matija Nakič, co-founder of cloud based startup Farseer.

The discussion will be moderated by Urban Lapajne, the program director of PODIM DX and Start:up Slovenia.

The event will be held on Zoom platform! There are 100 Zoom spots and once they’re gone, they’re gone. So don’t hesitate and grab yours.




Make sure you book your seat and participate in interesting discussions and stay in touch with inevitable technology trends which are shaping our business and technology landscape.

Prof. Dr. Matjaž B. Jurič, renowned cloud expert and professor.

Matjaž B. Jurič, Ph.D., is a professor at the University of Ljubljana and start-up mentor. He is the author of 17 books published by international publishers and more than 600 other publications.

He was awarded several prestigious titles, such as Java Champion, IBM Champion and Oracle ACE Director and he has won international awards, including Best SOA Book award (New York), Telecommunications and Media & Entertainment Award for best SOA project (Las Vegas), Java Duke’s Choice Award Winner (San Francisco) for the best innovation in Java, Award for the best scientific paper in the field of services, award for the Best researcher according to the industry, and the Gold medal for outstanding merits in the scientific and education development.

Matija Nakič, co-founder of cloud based startup Farseer

Matija Nakič is co-founder of cloud based startup Farseer from Croatia. She is an Experienced manager in the software business and founder @Farseer, a fintech startup. Over 10 years of managing teams to deliver superior digital solutions to improve the client’s business.

She has participated in or managed 4 major projects in telecom, implementation of SAP, Dynamics CRM, and of the Data Warehouse. During the last years before Farseer she was the VP of products at Five, one of the top three NY development and design agencies. She worked with clients such as Crestron, Marriott International, Rosetta Stone, Penguin Random House etc. As a computer engineer with an MBA, I play best as a midfielder between software teams and business.

Tomaž Levak, Co-founder of Origintrail and Trace Labs.

Tomaž Levak is co-founder of OriginTrail and Trace Labs, where he is also the managing director.

He co-founded the companies with a mission to bring transparency to supply chains. Under Tomaž’s leadership, OriginTrail started developing blockchain-based traceability solutions involving major European food suppliers and blockchain integrations with IoT smart product platform EVRYTHNG and cloud computing platform Oracle, available to their users worldwide. OriginTrail became the blockchain technology provider for the €20 million-worth program, managed by the Wageningen University & Research, aimed at the digital transformation of the European countryside. Tomaž is an active member of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance -The Supply Chain Working Group. He is an established speaker at events, sharing his first-hand experience with the implementation of the blockchain to practice.

Julij Božič, ROMASI Technology Cloud Leader and Oracle Slovenia Country Leader

Julij Božič is ROMASI Technology Cloud Leader and Oracle Slovenia Country Leader. He is distinguished by years of experience and achievements in information and communications technologies, and long-standing experience in marketing, sales and management.
Prior to Oracle, Julij was IBM Country leader for Slovenia and Bosnia and a Chief Innovation and Digital Officer at BTC, d.d. company, responsible for digital transformation and innovation of BTC core business segments. In his work, he remains focused on ideas that go beyond frameworks. About himself, he says that he is an “out of the box thinker”, who is successfully leading his team in achieving business goals. His personal motto is: “If you don’t go, you don’t have a story”. Julij is a member of numerous business and economic interest groups in Slovenia, such as AmCham Slovenia, the Manager Association and ABC Accelerator, where he uses his experience and knowledge while consulting as a mentor many young talents – future representatives of the Slovenian economic environment.

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