Podim Pitching Competition: Your Gateway to Fundraising Success

Ready to make a bold move with your startup? Look no further than the Podim Pitching Competition. 

This year, the stakes are higher than ever, with the chance to secure the funding you need from investors who truly align with your vision. Thanks to PODIM, the winner takes it all.

Raising capital from top-tier VCs can feel like an uphill battle. As a startup co-founder or CEO, you understand the struggle firsthand. But fear not – with the Podim Pitching Competition, you’ll have the opportunity to break through the noise and catch the attention of investors who matter most.

What you can expect

PODIM has partnered with The Fundraising Bootcamp, Europe’s #1 Investor Readiness program, to offer an exclusive package worth well over US$10,000 to this year’s winner. 

Picture this: insider knowledge from VCs, a toolkit used by professional fundraisers, a handpicked list of investors – more than 10,000 of them – and personalized support to help you achieve your fundraising goals.

There’s more – the cherry on top? A trip to London for the PODIM London Springboard, where you’ll network with key players in Europe’s most vibrant startup ecosystem.

Meet Francois and supercharge your fundraising

Meet Francois Mazoudier, the mastermind behind The Fundraising Bootcamp. With over two decades of experience in the tech industry, including a Nasdaq IPO and multiple successful turnarounds, Francois knows what it takes to secure funding in today’s competitive landscape. 

His no-nonsense approach, backed by a track record of success, has helped over 110 companies across Europe achieve their fundraising goals – from seed rounds to series C.

What past winners have to say

Since clinching victory at last year’s Podim, Lukas Krcil, the founder of Hedepy, has seen his mental health platform expand its footprint across 11 countries and secure approximately 6 million euros in funding. 

Participating in Podim proved transformative for Lukas, opening doors to media recognition, investor interest, and a spot in the prestigious Fundraising Bootcamp in Paris.

The Fundraising Bootcamp experience

The Fundraising Bootcamp, renowned for its insider knowledge and systematic approach to investor engagement, equipped Lukas with invaluable tools to refine his investment proposal and elevate his pitch deck. In the program, Francois emphasizes the importance of clarity in messaging, steering away from generic pitches towards a focused articulation of business fundamentals.

Known for its hands-on approach, you’ll learn how to craft a compelling narrative, navigate the fundraising process with confidence, and ultimately secure the funding you need to fuel your startup’s growth.

Curious to hear more about Lukas’ journey? 

Seize the opportunity

Every year around 150 startups apply for the prestigious Podim Pitching Competition held in Slovenia. Participation provides many benefits, from pre-pitch expert training, direct access to investors and direct support from recognized experts. It also increases visibility to global investors and the top prize takes the business to new heights at record speed.

Don’t miss your chance to be part of the action. Apply now for the Podim Pitching Competition and embark on a journey that could change the trajectory of your startup forever. The adventure of a lifetime could be waiting for you – right around the PODIM corner!

To be part of the 150 startups, apply here by 15 March 2024:

Process overview

Pre-qualifying rounds will start online on 7 May, with online Demo Days. Following this round, the top 10 highest-scoring startups advance to the semi-finals, held live in Maribor on the pre-conference day, 13 May. That determines the final 5 contenders, culminating in the announcement of the ultimate winner on Tuesday evening, 14 May. 

Take your chance and apply ASAP. You never know, maybe the adventure of a lifetime is waiting for you right around the PODIM corner!

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