Podim Pitching Competition

Raise the amount you need, from investors you actually want.

Courtesy of PODIM, this year’s winner gets it all.

Raising from top name VCs is hard. As a startup co/founder or CEO, you know how slow, tedious and difficult it is – hard data confirms that only 1% (yes, only one!) make it. Others have to ‘make do’ with other, lesser investors, or worse, don’t plan properly, run out of runway and are forced to accept less than favourable terms from whatever investor’s left with an offer, or go bust. No more: one lucky PODIM winner will receive a golden ticket to Fundraising heaven. Read on.

The programme, run by PODIM in partnership with The Fundraising Bootcamp (Europe’s #1 Investor Readiness programme) will provide you with VC insider knowledge you cannot find online, a library of tools used by professional fundraisers, a highly-targeted investor list for you to meet and all the hands-on support you require to achieve your dream goal. For the cherry on top, the PODIM London Springboard will fly you over to London where a series of introductions and meetings will be arranged for you.

This combined programme with its worth over US$10,000 it’s an opportunity of a lifetime for you and your startup.

Not sure about applying? You can still get some value out of your PODIM ticket this year. Come and attend Francois Mazoudier’s  workshop at PODIM 2022.

Take a look at a sneak peak of last year’s 👇:

More info about Fundraising Bootcamp

We feel very lucky (well – and so are you 😉) to have experts like Francois and the above programmes help you. With over 20 years in tech, one startup to Nasdaq IPO, one bankruptcy and many turnarounds, Francois can help you decrypt the complex language and steps needed to succeed. Expect a lot of first-hand experience, practical and actionable advice, no-BS and hard hitting sessions, do-it-now work and a fast pace; no “strategic insights” or “best practices” here, Francois’ work is hardcore and hands-on.

Because it just delivers. To date his programme has helped over 110 companies across Europe achieve their funding goals, from 500k seed round to 50m series C; despite the high volumes, his programme keeps to an NPS score of 96%+ and still offers a 100% money-back guarantee. The PODIM Pitching Competition and the free ticket at the prestigious Fundraising Bootcamp will be led by Francois himself.

Francois’ team will also help you to re/build your core investor proposition, narrative, a storyline and financial storyline, and teach you how to deliver it all in a concise, relaxed and high-impact pitch. You will learn how to hook investors in, drive the process timeline, choose the funds and investors you actually wished for and get them to FOMO stage. By the end of the Fundraising Bootcamp, you’ll get access to the tools professional fundraisers use, templates, models, trackers and their 4,000+ UK, EU, US and Asia investor database, for you to build your perfectly highly-matched target list.

PODIM London Springboard – meet the right people, accelerate your growth, attend startup events in Europe’s most attractive startup capital

The winner of the Podim Pitching Competition will also go to London in September to participate in the all-inclusive three-day Podim London Springboard programme, which provides a deep dive into Europe’s most appealing startup hub.

The three-day programme will be filled with high impact encounters and meetings. Get to know prominent and well-connected individuals who can help you by opening the doors you couldn’t, introducing you to the relevant clients and people, and show you the social side of the city so that you can start building your own network of quality friends in London.

Marin Curković, co-founder and CEO of Adscanner and Maja Brlek & Eamonn Carey, Techstars London

Do you want to know more about how the Springboard program in 2021 went? Take a look at what happened here 👇:

Get ready to apply

Every year around 150 startups apply for the prestigious Podim Pitching Competition held in Slovenia. Participation provides many benefits, from pre-pitch expert training, direct access to investors and direct support from recognised experts. It also increases visibility to global investors and the top prize takes the business to new heights at record speed.

To be part of the 150 startups please apply here by or before 15th March 2022:

Process overview

Pre-qualifying rounds will start online from the 4th of May, with online Demo Days. On the 16th May the jury will select a group of semi-finalists and a second round will take place. The top five companies will enter into the Final pitch series and be invited to pitch live on the main stage at PODIM.

Take your chance and apply ASAP. You never know, maybe the adventure of a lifetime is waiting for you right around the PODIM corner!

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