Adam Springer

Adam Springer is a sales professional who has been the first and instrumental sales hire for three companies. He’s helped companies grow from $0 to $1 million in revenue in under a year and then supported them as they scaled over $10 million in revenue. In 2018 Adam founded his consultancy StartupSales, helping early stage B2B founders build and scale sales processes to get to $10 million in revenue. He is also the host of The Startup Sales podcast in which he interviews thought leaders in the B2B Sales industry in order to help founders, investors, and sales leaders from around the world learn how to build and scale successful sales organizations. He was also the Co Host & Mentor at Startup Sales Club. His areas of expertise are founder sales strategy, B2B startup sales pricing, B2B startup sales growth hacking, founder sales skills, startup sales processes, B2B startup sales team building.