Andreas Gams

Andreas Gams is a business expert and executive with over 20 years of experience in the global oil and gas, compression, engines, automation, and digitalization industries. He has held positions in general management, sales, business development, product development, and supply chain management for worldwide players such as HOERBIGER and August Storm GmbH & Co KG.
Andreas has always used his expertise, creativity, talents, know-how, and persistence in the face of perpetual change, whether by being responsive to new technologies or changing business procedures, to achieve entrepreneurial success.
Customers’ key performance indicators are addressed through pursuing sustainability, modernization, digitization, or resource waste reduction for the welfare of the earth and achieving these goals.
He has widened his approach as a business consultant and commercial agent and is currently the Business Creation Manager at EIT Manufacturing East GmbH, enabling start-ups, SMEs, and collaborations to manifest and apply their ideas and technological developments within their ecosystem.