Anna Gregorio

“Innovation is curiosity, discovering the world around us, shaping it by proposing new technologies (for space) to help progress and sharing them with society to improve it.”

Anna Gregorio is a researcher and assistant professor at the University of Trieste while also being the CEO of PicoSaTs, a spin-off company of the University that operates in the field of small satellites – miniaturised telecommunication systems. Her amazing resume also includes the roles of the coordinator of instrument operation teams, AIV Manager and Instrument Operation Manager of Planck LFI at the European Space Agency. She is one of the top Italian scientists in the field of physics. In 2021 she was included in the list of Inspiring Fifty-Italy and in the list of “Donna dell’anno 2021”, while also being included in the list of top 100 most successful Italian women by Forbes Italia in the year 2020. Anna is a passionate sailor, skier, diver, and traveller.