Florian Gschwandtner

Florian is a Co-founder and Chief Growth Officer at Tractive, the world’s leading company for GPS tracking for dogs and cats. By leveraging the latest technologies, Tractive develops pet wearables, apps and online services; providing pet owners and pet lovers alike with more happiness, security, and peace of mind with their beloved four-legged friends. Tractive has raised a total of $2.7M in funding over 4 rounds. Tractive has a total of 20 apps, including 12 iOS apps, and 8 Android apps. Together the company tracks more than 29k downloads of apps per month. In 2009 Florian co-founded Runtastic that developed one of the world’s number one health and fitness apps. Within 9 years they grew the health and fitness startup to over 260 million downloads, more than 140 million registered users and the team to more than 250+ employees from 42 nations. In August 2015 the company announced a strategic partnership with Adidas. He is also a business angel and has invested in over 10+ companies.