James Isilay

“The maths don’t lie!”

James Isilay founded the sales tech startup Cognism together with Stjepan Buljat in 2015.  Till this day Cognism  successfully raised about 127 million dollars of the investments. Through the years, as a serving CEO, he built it into a growth machine, listing it as a Linkedin Top Startup for the third year in a row in 2021. With their GDPR-compliant B2B sales and marketing lead generation platform they are helping more than 1000 revenue teams like  Amazon, Onfido, Freshworks, Consenna and more connect with confidence & exceed targets. He is also a limited partner of GTMfund and Stage 2 Capital as well as a member of YPO, the global leadership community of extraordinary chief executives and Non Executive Director of Kluster, an award-winning platform. Before founding Cognism, James worked as a quantitative trader and analyst for energy companies and UBS Investment Bank. His plans for the future? Well, making Cognism into a unicorn, of course. We have no doubt he will!