Mark Kalin

Mark Kalin is an experienced entrepreneur, business development expert, blockchain advisor, lecturer, and expert in establishing innovative ecosystems, with a very rich education and business experience. He is the founder of the first social platform Beyond Leadership, as well as a Board member of Managers’ association Slovenia of Young Managers’ Section. Before, Mark was Senior Director for Business Development in Kolektor Group, he worked for a Swedish VC fund 1337Works AV, as well as he was the head of development and new technologies at BTC d.d. that in those years transformed BTC City into an innovative, smart city and became the first Bitcoin City in the world. Mark was also Head of Business Development at Geneplanet which was named one of the 1000 fastest growing companies in Europe by the Financial Times in 2019, as well as he also founded a startup Fit&Beat that is part of Metaverse. Besides that, Mark has also been involved in various blockchain projects such as Eligma and Origintrail.