Mike Reiner

Mike Reiner is a General Partner at Arobator Ventures, a seed stage VC firm with artificial intelligence and growth marketing background. In his career, he has gained expertise in entrepreneurship, venture capital, data driven strategy, and technology knowledge to help startups grow and scale. Mike has a wealth of experience in the startup ecosystem, having built a global artificial intelligence community with City.ai and sourcing series A stage deal flow while building the DataSeries network for the venture capital firm OpenOcean. He co-founded and managed the B2B accelerator Startup Wise Guys, which invested in around 40 companies across 20+ different countries. Mike also covered venture capital business development for Amazon Web Services in EMEA and founded CCC Startups and Startup AddVenture, a global entrepreneurship network that produced events in 7 different countries. In his career, he has worked with many startups around the globe and is an active advisor or board member to several of them as well as mentor at various incubators and accelerators such as Techstars.