Remco Veenenberg

Remco Veenenberg is a B2B sales & growth expert with a background in startups, deeply involved in the fintech & banking industry. As a Partner at The Connector, he works to connect supply & demand across the financial industry, represent FinTech companies at events globally, and create thought-provoking content. Remco is also a mentor for several B2B early-stage & growth stage startups, and has worked closely with well-known brands such as Revolut, BackBase, and other key fintech companies. He has collaborated with T1-T3 banks across Europe and has worked closely with the innovation departments at most large banks. Remco frequently organizes panel discussions & events with top fintech leaders and C-level bankers to discuss the future of banking and beyond. As a mentor at Startup Wise Guys, his main specialty is value proposition, differentiating, branding, growth & business development.