Stoyan Yankov

“One way to make the future more possible is to be clear from the start what you are after.”

Stoyan Yankov is a productivity & performance coach and a global keynote speaker, who co-authored the book “PERFORM: The Unsexy Truth about (Startup) Success” with Cristobal Alonso (CEO, Startup Wise Guys). He is a co-founder of The Leaders Who Care, Human Resources Services, a managing partner at Samodiva Masterminds, a company focused on exclusive mastermind experiences and corporate offsites, as well as the host of the Productivity Mastery podcast. He also serves as the productivity & performance coach at Startup Wise Guys. Stoyan specializes in coaching founders and entrepreneurs, and since 2015 has helped over 250 teams grow as individuals and create more productive and mindful company cultures. Stoyan began his entrepreneurial career in 2011 and has a background in video and movie production, creating premium event experiences, and building international business networks. Today, he shares advice on productivity and performance through keynotes, workshops and bootcamps in over 25 countries, sharing the stage with some of the most influential thought leaders, such as David Allen, Guy Kawasaki, Salim Ismail and Deepak Chopra.