Veronika Pistyur

Veronika is a general partner of Oktogon Ventures and CEO of the non-profit association Bridge Budapest. Previously she was a mentor at Kitchen Budapest and the Hungarian Templeton Program, at Design Terminal’s TechLab and she was a top mentor at Telenor Accelerate Program. In 2016, she won the Central European Startup Awards Most Influential Woman category. In 2018, she was selected among the Most Inspirational Women in Hungary (femcafe). In 2019, she was listed in Forbes Hungary among the 50 Most Influential Women. With an educational background in television directing (DLA), visual and cultural anthropology, and international relations, she has also produced television programs, run a communications agency, and worked in marketing. She is a communication expert with skills to build bridges between the mainstream and hardly understandable issues of the society, for example inspiring the youth who want to leave the country and showing them options, for example meaningful, globally opened and connected work environment from Hungary, going global.