[PROGRAM BLOCK] AI and Disruptive Technologies

Generative AI solutions such as ChatGPT, Bard, Synthesis, and many others are rapidly gaining momentum in the tech and business communities, positively transforming our lives. The AI revolution is well underway, and we must fully embrace it. 

In this program block, esteemed AI experts, investors, and entrepreneurs will discuss how businesses can leverage this technology and identify opportunities for small and agile startups, as well as established companies. Most importantly, they will unveil what lies beyond the current AI wave, providing valuable insights for all attendees. Don’t miss out!

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TALKS: Exploring AI Applications Across Industries: Case Studies and Presentations

Lorenzo Thione, Gaingels, United States
Sarah Hemmer, Infineon Technologies, Germany
Ziyuan Zhu, IDEO, United States
Shaheer Hussam, Aetlan, Finland

PANEL: Insights into the Future of AI: Perspectives from Investors and Founders

Romeo Walter, Fly Ventures, Germany
Alexander Brix, Canva, Austria
John Spindler, Twin Path Ventures, United Kingdom
Dusan Omercevic, Cleanshelf, Slovenia
Taryn Andersen, Impulse4Women, Spain
Host: Gabriele Poteliunaite, HEARTFELT_, Germany

Dive into AI with us!

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