[PROGRAM BLOCK] Confessions of a Founder

The air is thick with anticipation as the lights dim, and the murmurs of the crowd fall to a hush.

The stage is set for a morning of raw honesty and unfiltered truth as the Confessions of a Founder program block begins. Experienced entrepreneurs will take the spotlight to reveal the highs and lows, triumphs and failures, and the personal sacrifices made in pursuit of their dreams. 

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FIRESIDE: Crafting and Leading High-Performance Teams

Jost Capito, NITROCROSS, Germany
Uros Rosa, PUROS Ltd., Slovenia
Host: Daniel Cronin, AustrianStartups, Austria

FIRESIDE: A Short Story: How We Built a 500 Million EUR Company

Izet Zdralovic, Silicon Gardens, Croatia
Sasha Komarevych, Bocconi For Innovation, Italy

FIRESIDE: Bridging AI, Storytelling, and Social Advocacy

Lorenzo Thione, Gaingels, United States
Host: Daniel Cronin, AustrianStartups, Austria

Who wouldn’t want a front-row seat to hear the real stories behind the success of these experienced entrepreneurs?

Don’t wait any longer – join us and discover the true grit and determination it takes to build a successful startup.

Let’s hear what they have to confess!

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