[PROGRAM BLOCK] Confession of a Founder

The air is thick with anticipation as the lights dim, and the murmurs of the crowd fall to a hush.

The stage is set for a morning of raw honesty and unfiltered truth as the Confessions of a Founder program block begins. Experienced entrepreneurs will take the spotlight to reveal the highs and lows, triumphs and failures, and the personal sacrifices made in pursuit of their dreams. 

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Who are the stars of the morning startup confession?

Steve Macdonald 🔹 MacDonald Ventures, USA

Steve MacDonald is a visionary entrepreneur and angel investor who is passionate about supporting tech startups committed to creating a better world. He has founded several successful companies, including TechHealth and myMatrixx, with exits totaling over $400 million. After the last exit, he launched MacDonald Ventures, where he continues to pursue his passion for investing in high-stakes start-ups.

Miryana Joksovic 🔹 Arcion Labs, Croatia & USA

Miryana Joksovic is a tech entrepreneur with 20 years of Silicon Valley experience and an impressive balance of 2 exits, including an IPO on NYSE. Currently, she is the Co-founder of Arcion Labs, a cloud-native, distributed CDC-based replication platform for real-time data pipelines. Miryana is also advising startups in the B2B SaaS space, planning their US market entrance and fundraising strategy while she’s working on a new project.  

Manoj Agarwal 🔹 DevRev, USA 

Manoj Agarwal is the Co-founder and President of DevRev, a business software company based in the San Francisco Bay Area, which he co-founded in 2020. Prior to that, he spent 7 years at Nutanix, a cloud computing software company, where he was SVP of Engineering and GM of Hybrid Cloud. Manoj is a technical leader with the ability to learn new domains quickly and deliver high-quality products in a fast-paced startup environment. He has a strong ability to hire, mentor and retain top talents globally.

Who wouldn’t want a front-row seat to hear the real stories behind the success of these experienced entrepreneurs?

Don’t wait any longer – join us and discover the true grit and determination it takes to build a successful startup.

Let’s hear what they have to confess!

See you there!

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