[PROGRAM BLOCK] Corporate Innovation

Established businesses and corporations are the backbone of the world economy, comprising the majority of it. However, they face enormous pressure from small, agile startups that are nipping at their heels. Instead of engaging in competition and conflict, it is possible to collaborate and unite forces. 

During this program block, you will have the opportunity to meet with experts from world-leading companies in open innovation and corporate innovation, such as ENEL, Infineon Technologies, and Plug & Play. They will guide you in developing a winning innovation strategy that will keep you ahead of the competition.

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Ladies and gentlemen, here are key representatives of our program block:

Fernando Sandoval 🔹 ENEL Group, Spain

Fernando is head of the Enel Innovation Hub Europe, which is the Enel Group’s link to the startup ecosystem across Europe. It fosters relationships with startups, SMEs, venture capitals and other important innovation stakeholders to build upon the diversity and richness of the European “ecosystem of ecosystems.” Enel’s commitment to sustainable energy and innovation is truly inspiring, setting the gold standard for the energy sector.

Nikola Pavesic 🔹 Infobip, Croatia 

Nikola is the director of startups at Infobip, a company that is a global leader in omnichannel engagement, powering a broad range of messaging channels, tools and solutions for advanced customer engagement, authentication and security. He used to be a business & product manager at Red Brick Ventures K.K., head of program & BD for Pioneers Asia and head of partnerships for Nikkei.

Eugenia Forte 🔹 Takeoff Accelerator & Plug and Play Tech Center, Italy 

Eugenia is a Scientific Board Member & Senior program manager at Takeoff Accelerator,  the first Italian Accelerator dedicated to Aerospace and Advanced hardware, powered by Plug & Play, CDP Venture Capital UniCredit and several other partners. With a passion for the startup ecosystem, she took on the role of a mentor,  advisor and business developer at several entrepreneurial entities.

Andreas Muehlberger 🔹  Infineon Technologies, Austria 

Andreas Muehlberger is an experienced Development Manager with expertise in embedded software design and chip design. Currently, he is a Strategic Partner Manager at Infineon Technologies and takes care of university and research cooperation programs for Infineon Technologies Austria and the growth of partnerships with startup companies within the Infineon Co-Innovation program. Prior to that, he worked in various companies such as ams OSRAM, NXP Semiconductors, and Philips Semiconductors, where he held senior management roles.

And also, in this program block, we have a great combo with Demo Studio, where you will meet leading Austrian high-tech organizations and clusters like Infineon Technologies, AVL, EDIH Applied – CPS and Silicon Alps Cluster, sharing best practices and cases of cooperation between corporates and startups.

Startup and Corpos – this is a must-visit program block!

See you there!

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