[PROGRAM BLOCK] Developing a Winning Ecosystem

There is no better way to start the introduction of this program block than the quote of Brad Feld, Co-founder of Techstars: “Building a successful startup ecosystem is not just about creating more unicorns; it’s about creating a sustainable environment that fosters innovation, collaboration, and growth for all.” 

If you are an ecosystem builder, community manager or policy maker, mark this program block down and be the first to get the fresh numbers of the state of tech report in the Adriatic region conducted by Silicon Gardens Fund and get some great advice from the community builder of the world largest tech network – Techstars.  

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Here are the stars of this program block:

John Hill 🔹 Techstars, USA

John is currently the Evangelist at Techstars. He previously held the position of VP of Network, where he led a team focused on building out a worldwide network to help entrepreneurs succeed. John is passionate about building relationships and connecting people with opportunities, relying heavily on his online and offline networks to facilitate this. Before joining Techstars, John worked as the Higher Education Evangelist at LinkedIn.

Neda Trifunovic 🔹 Digital Serbia Initiative, Serbia

Neda is a startup ecosystem enthusiast whose main daily topics are spinning around growing startup ecosystems and what are the best ways to do it. Currently, she is a Manager for Startup Ecosystem at Digital Serbia Initiative, a non-profit, non-governmental organization with the strategic goal of developing a strong, globally competitive digital economy in Serbia. Before joining Digital Serbia Initiative, Neda worked in some of the biggest companies like KPMG, where she worked as Analyst Advisory, and Deloitte.

Arjan Ymeri 🔹 Oficina Innovation Hub, Albania 

Arjan is an executive director and a board member of OFICINA Innovation Hub, the leading integrator of youth, startups and innovative businesses in Albania. He used to work as a digital transformation expert for the Delegation of the European Union to Albania, as a senior expert for Western Balkan’s proof of concept at International Development Ireland, and as a commercial director of Abissnet. He’s eager to build digital and ICT skills in Albania and the Western Balkans. Arjan is passionate about technology and empowering the new generation of technology innovators.

Or Haviv 🔹 Arieli Capital, Israel 

Or Haviv is a partner at Arieli Capital. As the head of Arieli global innovation, Or leads the creation of Arieli’s early-stage ecosystem, including its growth and investment platforms in Israel, the US and Europe in leading verticals such as AgFood-tech, Ocean/shipping, Deser-Tech, Climate, Biotech, Travel-tech, Web3, AI and more. Under Or’s leadership, Arieli Innovation grew to become the most active platform in Israel, leading the largest amount of startup acceleration cycles a year and expanding globally to work with leading family offices, banks, industry brands, governments and academic institutions.  

Gregor Rebolj 🔹 Silicon Gardens Fund, Slovenia 

Gregor Rebolj is a serial entrepreneur and investor with excellent technical, analytical and communication skills demonstrated by 20 years of experience. He founded Klika, Silicon Gardens Fund I and II, as well as Kyuriosity Inc. Klika, an external innovation lab, was later acquired by Sportradar, now the biggest sports data provider in the world.

If you are already part of the thriving ecosystem in the CEE region or if you want to become part of it, Podim is the place to be. You will have the chance to connect with the most active ecosystem stakeholders in the region.

See you there!

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