[PROGRAM BLOCK] Digitalization and Digital Transformation

There is no single organization in the world today that is not already in the process of digitization. So the question for the managers, business owners, founders, innovation officers and change managers is if they are doing it in the right way and fast enough. And there is no better place to get the answers than in this program block. 

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TALK: The Blank Collar: A New Paradigm For Success In The Digital Future

Kristian Kabashi, Numarics, Switzerland

TALK: Insights from Digitizing the Healthcare Industry

Agon Avdimetaj, Vianova AI, United States

PANEL: Strategies and Tools for Unleashing Innovation Potential Through Digitalization

Andreas Gams, EIT Manufacturing, Austria
Muhamed Turkanović, DIH UM & University of Maribor, Slovenia
Agon Avdimetaj, Vianova AI, United States
Ziyuan Zhu, IDEO, United States
Jack Thorogood, Native Teams, North Macedonia
Host: Jacopo Faini, B4i Bocconi For Innovation, Italy

When it comes to digitalization, we’ve got you covered!

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