Unleash Your Entrepreneurial Spirit at the Podim 2023 Heaven & Hell Party

Podim is excited to present the most unforgettable night of the year – the Heaven & Hell Party! This year’s event is designed to celebrate the dual nature of the entrepreneurial journey, showcasing the soaring heights and challenging lows of startup life.

Set in the dazzling Fenix Club in Maribox on May 16th at 19:30, this unique party invites you to explore both the heavenly and the hellish aspects of the entrepreneurial experience.

As startup founders and team members, we know firsthand the rollercoaster of emotions and the array of challenges that come with bringing ideas to life. The Heaven & Hell theme reflects this reality, paying tribute to the moments of triumph and the periods of struggle that are part and parcel of building something from the ground up.

The party promises a night filled with exhilarating experiences, top-notch entertainment, and ample opportunities to connect with like-minded entrepreneurs. Dance the night away with DJ Miha’s electrifying beats, and let violinist Maša Golob’s melodic tunes captivate you. These talented performers embody the contrast between Heaven and Hell, their music providing the perfect soundtrack to your night.

Indulge your senses with signature cocktails crafted with the exquisite Heaven & Hell Gin, an ideal blend for celebrating the highs and lows of the startup journey. Savor mouthwatering dishes from the great Food Corner, a culinary oasis in the midst of the celebrations.

As you mingle with Podim’s Angels Girls, don’t forget to share your startup stories – both heavenly and hellish – with fellow entrepreneurs. The Heaven & Hell Party is a unique opportunity to learn from one another, build lasting connections, and support each other through the challenges that inevitably arise in the world of startups.

Don’t miss the chance to celebrate the incredible, multifaceted journey of entrepreneurship at the Podim 2023 Heaven & Hell Party. Mark your calendars, and join us for a night that truly captures the spirit of the entrepreneurial experience. * The party is for ticket holders only – don’t forget to secure yours!

See you at the party, where angels soar and devils stay at home!

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