Carinthia – internationally recognised business location

Carinthia brings together top-notch expertise, advanced technologies and an attractive mix of industries embedded in a highly innovative environment. Located in the very heart of Europe, Start-ups benefit not only from stable legal framework conditions but also from a business-friendly tax system and an excellent range of funding opportunities.

It goes without saying that start-ups and scale-ups are the champions of technological and economic progress. They create the markets of tomorrow and make a tremendous contribution to economic growth and competitiveness. Start-ups and scale-ups are not just buzzwords. Internationally, many enterprises have come to rely on their ability to improve performance in a wide range of industries. Which is why start-ups and scale-ups are key to the Carinthian economy.

“build! is a startup incubator located in Klagenfurt and Villach. We support an international startup community and therefore we are proud to accompany founders who came from abroad and started their businesses in Carinthia.

Currently, we work with SWIRCLE, founded by a Canadian, who is now starting a service for the multilingual international families in Carinthia (and the Alps-Adriatic region); NOVAFLASH, a team of top Italian developers based in Villach and reaching customers around the globe in the electronics industry and FinKlim, who are bringing their financial expertise from the City of London back to Austria.” mentions Robert Gfrerer, CEO of build!.

It is here where connections to scientific institutions, SMEs and other industries are forged and where cooperation partners and industrial enterprises benefit from the latest scientific findings and the start-ups’ and scale-ups’ innovative ideas and solutions.

“Numerous collaboration schemes have already been established with start-ups and scale-ups from all over Europe that appreciate Carinthian research expertise,” says Jernej Dvoršak from BABEG | Invest in Carinthia.

Leading global enterprises, such as Infineon Technologies Austria, Lam Research, KapschTrafficCom, or Flex are a decisive factor in Carinthia’s exceptional competence in technology. Such global players and lots of research-intensive small and medium-sized enterprises have a determining influence on future developments, amongst others in microelectronics, robotics, IT, and drone communication technologies.

Carinthia invites you to visit their Expo Booth. Use the opportunity to talk to the exhibiting partners. Their network in Austria can be your door opener!

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Fotocredit: Lakeside Park | Mag. Gert Steinthaler
Lakeside Science & Technology park has a strong focus on IT

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