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Transforming startup dreams into investment realities at Podim conference

Navigating the startup landscape can be a maze of challenges and opportunities. The Podim Conference stands out as a beacon for startups seeking not just funding, but also invaluable connections and insights. This is exemplified by the story of InsiderCX, a startup that leveraged the Podim Deal Room to secure a monumental €500k investment.

Why Podim is a must-attend for startups in the CEE region

For ambitious startups in the CEE region, Podim is not just an event but a strategic opportunity. It offers a unique platform to shine in the spotlight, attracting attention from a global network of investors and business leaders. The Podim Pitching Competition, a highlight of the conference, is more than a contest; it’s a trust-building exercise between startups and potential investors. By reaching the semifinals or finals, startups like ZenOwn, AdScanner, Farseer, PriceHubble and others, demonstrate their commitment and potential, earning the trust of investors.

The InsiderCX journey: from challenges to triumph 

The journey of InsiderCX, a healthcare-focused startup, is a testament to the transformative power of the Podim Conference. Despite the complexities of fundraising, their persistence and strategic networking at Podim led to a significant investment. Their patient experience platform, designed to revolutionize healthcare through feedback-driven insights, caught the attention of discerning investors at the conference.

Nikola Komes’ strategy: maximizing opportunities at Podim

Nikola Komes, the founder of InsiderCX, adopted a strategic approach at Podim. By scheduling back-to-back meetings with VCs, he capitalized on the concentrated presence of potential investors. His efforts paid off when Silicon Gardens, a key investor, recognized the potential in InsiderCX, leading to a significant €500k funding.

Podim: beyond funding, a platform for growth and learning

Podim is more than a funding gateway; it’s a hub of learning and networking. Entrepreneurs like Nikola not only secure investments but also gain invaluable insights from interactions with fellow entrepreneurs and feedback from VCs. This holistic experience at Podim empowers startups to refine their strategies and communication, vital for their growth trajectory.

Some of Podim’s startup success stories

The success stories of many startups and scaleups that participate at shows Podim is the place to be 

To mention a few:

  • AdScanner, a marketing startup providing comprehensive analytics solutions for data-driven TV advertising and winner of the 2019 competition, secured a €5 million investment from Lead Ventures, South Central Ventures, and J&T Ventures, and after raised additional €2.7 million in investment.
  • OREA Bazaar, a Bosnian startup with an online marketplace for buying and selling local handmade products, received an investment of €100,000 from Fil Rouge Capital at Podim 2022 and entered the Croatian market in November.
  • CUX, a semi-finalist in the 2022 competition, offers a UX and analytics automation tool to improve online sales results and has been recognized as a rising star in the international product analytics market. It also won the prestigious international I-COM Data Startup Challenge and named “Best Smart Data Marketing Startup” and AI Startup of the Year by OVHcloud.
  • 2021 finalist PriceHubble, a global leader in AI analytics and data for the residential real estate industry, raised USD 34 million in the Series B round. PriceHubble serves over 1,500 B2B customers, including brands such as Credit Suisse in Switzerland and BNP and Axa in France. To date, they have analyzed real estate with a total value of € 24 billion.
  • DWELT, the 2021 winner, developed Platform X, a cloud-based software solution that connects utility providers and customers on the grid and was ranked among the best green energy startups in Europe.
  • ZenOwn, the 2021 finalist that revolutionized the post-purchase experience, raised €1.4 million in December 2021.

Embrace the Podim advantage: where startups meet success

If your startup is poised for growth and seeking both investment and wisdom, the Podim conference is your arena. It’s a place where rejections turn into lessons, and meetings turn into milestones. As Nikola’s journey with InsiderCX shows, success is not just about the investment secured but also about the relationships built and the lessons learned.

Join us at Podim, and let your startup story be the next beacon of inspiration.

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