Podim DX Satellite Event & Startup Europe Networks Meetups

We are proud that Podim DX’s third satellite event will be the kick-off event of the Startup Europe Networks series of online meetups, organized for ambitious founders and the startup community to connect, learn and find investor partners. Also, PortfoLion VC will join the event as a partner with its VC’s pitching night.

The first satellite event was a blast and we hosted more than 100 participants, live from the UK, Germany, Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Poland, Serbia, Italy, Estonia and elsewhere. Save the date on May 8th and get ready for the third one!

The program will be divided into three parts:

  • keynote
  • panel and
  • a pitching opportunity for startups.


We are stoked to have Zach Coelius (angel investor and serial entrepreneur) to give a talk on how the COVID-19 crisis has impacted the startup scene and what it means for founders and investors regionally and globally. He will also provide hands-on advice on how to prepare for the economic downturn and uncertain times.

We all want everything back to ‘normal’, but will the ‘normal’ be the same? Will there be a ‘brave new world’ with new generational needs? Tough times are coming and startups need to get ready for the times of war. What does it take to be a wartime CEO? Brace yourself for the post-COVID era: take inventory of what has happened so far, think of future scenarios, and “learn to see through the fog of chaos”.


After the talk and Q&A, Marvin Liao (early-stage investor, tech executive) and other key regional investors and entrepreneurs, including Andras Molnar (PortfoLion VC), Gyula Feher (Oktogon Ventures, previously Ustream), Istvan Csanady (Shapr3d) will dive deeper into the topic of fundraising and try to explore the effect of this global crisis from a CEE-focused standpoint.




PortfoLion VC’s COVID-Proof Pitch Night

If you are a startup and you are looking for an investment partner who is not only offering capital to finance organizational and business development but also helps founders through its extensive network and business expertise, then this is the perfect event for you to participate at.

PortfoLion’s Virtual Pitch Night provides an opportunity for startups to pitch their business ideas and get hands-on feedback from successful entrepreneurs and senior investors. Five selected startups will be each given five minutes to present their solution, business model, and growth plans, followed by the feedback from a professional advisory panel. The panel will consist of Marvin Liao (Early Stage VC), Aurel Pasztor (PortfoLion), Krisztián Flautner (Banzai Cloud), and Jimmy Fong (SEON).

Click below to sign up for the pitch opportunity. Registration is open until May 6th, noon – 12:00 CEST.




Successful teams will get on a fast track in PortfoLion’s investment process which can result in investments of up to €2M. Not selected? Don’t worry! We realize we will not be able to provide the opportunity to all the amazing startups applying. Therefore, we will reach out to further selected applicants after the event. If you have any questions, regarding investment process, let them know by contacting them at [email protected]




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