Podim Startup Stats: 19 countries, wide field of industries and more

We recently published Podim’s digital startup catalogue and many of you have been asking: “So what kind of startups are coming to Podim this year?”.

While the answer lies in the catalogue, we are aware that some of you would like to see some numbers and industries before you decide if you’re coming to Podim. And that’s why this blog post is here.

The digital catalogue is a live database and is going to get updated with more startups. However, there are already 157 published startups which gives us a fair representation of what you can expect from Podim.

Ready for some stats? Here we go!


Startups from all over the Central Eastern European region are attending Podim. There are also quite some that are coming from even further away! All together we’ve got startups from 19 countries.

First three places are taken by Slovenia, Germany & Croatia, together they bring to PODIM 90+ startups. The fourth place goes to Austria, at the moment we can count 11 Austrian startups. 

Key industries & Products

Let’s take a look at the kind of solutions and products Podim’s startups are bringing to the table.

Most startups, by quite a margin, are in the field of “Business and Productivity”. The second most popular key industries are “Lifestyle and Entertainment”. Two more industries include more than 10 startups – “Mobility and Transportation” as well as “Life Science and Agriculture”.

Then we’ve got some startups specialising in “Financial Services”, “Materials and Manufacturing” and “Energy and Utilities”.

But that’s not all – 38 startups, almost a quarter of them, stated that they have a product related to “Other” industries, like IoT, smart cities, marketing, visual sciences, e-learning, sports tech and many more. 

So there’s quite a diverse selection!

Speaking of products –  a majority of startups has a Software product, a significant part of startups has a Software & Hardware product, while a much smaller number has only a Hardware product or even other products, that don’t fall under the categories of Software or Hardware.


We’ve asked startups what technologies they’re using to provide their products and solution. So far they’ve named 71 different techs! It’s an impressive list. 

A fair share of startups are using AI, followed by Machine learning, Web & Mobile tools, IoT (internet of things) and E-commerce tools.



Startup stages & Funding

Almost 60% of attending startups are early-stage startups. There’s still quite some later stage startups and only 10% seed-stage startups.

The kind of funding startups are looking for reflects that. Only 9 startups are looking for funding up to 75.000 €. The rest of them are quite evenly split – some are looking for up to 300k €, some for up to 1 mio €, while the most ambitious group is looking for more than 1 mio €.

There’s also some startups that are not looking for funding, but for connections and knowledge.

As you can see we’ve got a diverse selection of startups of all stages, covering a wide field of industries. 

If you want to know more about attending startups and other attendees (investors, corporations and SMEs) you should use Podim’s digital catalogues.

You can gain access by getting a ticket here.

P.s. still not convinced? Check out the video and see how easy it is to find your perfect  match. 


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