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About Podim

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Podim is a nonprofit platform founded in 1980 to change attitudes towards innovation. Based in Slovenia, Podim has evolved into the most influential startup & tech event in the CEE region, where innovation meets business opportunities and capital, as well as knowledge and experience. It is a key regional platform for enabling learning and networking in the most valuable and time-efficient way. Podim aims at equipping founders and innovators with the right tools to solve the most meaningful challenges of the society.

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Keeping the right size

“It’s really easy to approach people. There are conferences that are getting so big, but Podim Conference is still that human size; it’s still easy to approach people. It offers great diversity.“ Itamar Lesuisse, Argent, United Kingdom

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Boosting innovation with passion

Established in 1980, Podim has a rich history of encouraging people to learn, grow, and explore new ways of thinking, which then culminate in disruptive business ideas that are ready to rock the world. If you have already discovered the passion that drives you, then Podim is just the place for you to be. Come and meet the most innovative individuals from across the industries, learn from the best, get to know the secret ingredients for success, and learn from others’ failures so you can avoid your own.

"Podim is certainly THE startup event to visit in the region!”

Jan Habermann, Credo Ventures, Czech Republic

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Getting down to the nitty gritty with startups

Numerous collaborations between corporations and startups & scaleups have their roots in Podim. Startups & scaleups have become a valuable source for corporations to foster their innovation and growth, and startups can bring your company’s culture to a higher level and guarantee long-term success. So, join Podim’s relaxed yet extremely productive atmosphere, which is ignited by entrepreneurial energy, enthusiasm and a positive mindset. Let it be your company’s gateway to infusing yourself with the spirit of optimism.

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At the crossroad of cultures

At the crossroads of the Slavic, Germanic, Roman and Finno-Ugric cultures, the small country of Slovenia, with its strategic position between east and west, brings cultural diversity to one place. Its picturesque landscape offers countless activities, from skiing in the Alps to swimming in the Adriatic Sea. With skiing and swimming being just an hour drive apart! The talented and hard-working people are very friendly, the food is amazing, and the wines are exquisite. Now you know why Podim’s location in Slovenia is no coincidence!

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Lead your own innovation journey

Embracing innovation and change is the only way to keep in step with the times in a fast-paced environment. With 20 years of experience in connecting and mentoring corporate representatives, startups and investors, we have seen again and again successful transformation of any kind requires the critical mass of change ambassadors. We make sure to turn you and your team into the change agents needed to encourage, communicate and lead your individual innovation journey.

"Podim is always worth the trip – great atmosphere and great crowd!”

Michael Schuster, Speedinvest, Austria

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Bringing innovation to people

“The core values of Podim drive us to take over the future we want to experience.”
Matej Rus, Tovarna podjemov, Slovenia

< Start-up of the Year >

Praising Slovenian disruptors

While being a regional platform, Podim also commends the best of the Slovenian startup ecosystem by hosting the Start-up of the Year Award Ceremony! The Slovenian Startup of the Year Award highlights and awards the best ambassadors of Slovenian startup entrepreneurship – those companies and teams whose achievements, actions, reputation, and development excellency represent the next generation of Slovenian innovative entrepreneurs.

< Organizers >

Stronger together in creating a better environment for startups

The owner and main organizer of Podim is the nonprofit institute Tovarna podjemov (Venture Factory) from Maribor. Partnerships have formed the strong foundation of Podim from the very beginning; therefore, we cooperate with different kinds of startup ecosystem stakeholders as co-organizers, partners, and supporters. Traditionally, the Slovene Enterprise Fund and Slovenian Ministry of Economic Development and Technology have been the co-organizers of the conference.

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