[PROGRAM BLOCK] Business and Legal Frameworks

The entire world is currently captivated by OpenAI ChatGPT and the surge of generative AI solutions, which is truly impressive from a user standpoint. However, as the saying goes, every coin has two sides, and the Nlaw team aims to examine the potential legal challenges that come with using large-scale language models. 

Whether you are a user, developer, or merely an observer fascinated by the AI frenzy, this is an essential discussion not to be missed.

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Nejc Novak 🔹 Nlaw, Slovenia

Nejc Novak is the founder of Nlaw, a boutique law firm that helps Entrepreneurs and Investors achieve their business goals efficiently. He was a member of the Blockchain Policy and Framework Conditions Working Group at the European Blockchain Forum and Observatory. He is mainly dedicated to issues of business and commercial law, in particular statutory law, mergers & acquisitions, restructuring and insolvency. Long story short: He is a lawyer, a founder and in love with European startups & venture capital.

As a founder, executive, or investor, don’t miss out on the AI revolution. Take the time to fully understand the potential impact of generative AI solutions on your industry and explore opportunities for implementation in your organization.

See you there!

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