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The buzzword of the day is Digital Transformation, but PODIM 2022 will prove you’ve been using it wrong.

We are calling all the Christopher Columbeses of this age trying to find a new world in the complex Era of Digital Transformation on board. 

The expression ‘digital transformation’ is receiving a lot of buzz these days, but many experts agree that the hype around it is not doing the business world many favors.  Of course, there are valuable aspects of it to profit from, but quite a few misconceptions and unrealistic expectations as well, wasting your time and money. You see, digital transformation is not just about the latest technology, but should be viewed as an exercise to redefine and refine the core of the company, the company’s culture and, most importantly, its people and customers. 

Bringing to you the most valuable and specific lessons about ‘yes’ and ‘no’ moments of the digital transformation, is our next panel of speakers, globally recognized experts on exploring, experiencing, and trying to understand the unknown.


Robin Weninger 

is the managing director of the Global Institute of Leadership and Technology (GILT) with a focus that lies on the implications of exponential technologies, education and coping with an ever more complex and uncertain world.

Emilija Stojmenova Duh

is the head of 4P DIH Hub, a professor at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of the University of Ljubljana, and a founder and coordinator of the national FabLab network. In 2021, she was nominated for a prestigious Slovenian award, Woman of the Year.

Hajdi Cenan

is the co-founder & CEO of the AI Startup Airt platform, part of the list of the 100 most influential businesswomen in Croatia, president of the Croatian Startup Ecosystem Association, member of the Board of the European Startup Network, and the VP of the Croatian AI association.

Mario Fraiss

is the CEO of FRAISS IT and an expert with more than 18 years of experience in technology leadership roles at Microsoft, cryptix,  IoT-Austria, ICOTEC, innodea GmbH, & others. He is also a business mentor for startups at Science Park Graz.

Sama Carlos Samame

has worked at Amazon and as the head of acceleration for Wayra. He gained precious experiences in companies like IBM & Peru Groupon. Now he helps startups scale, as well as being the co-founder of Salsa Ventures and BoxyHQ, where he also serves as the COO.

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