[PROGRAM BLOCK] Sustainable Future

Let’s start with the very fundamental and increasingly important (critical) topic that has been around for more than a few decades: the existence of our planet and mankind by making our lives and businesses more sustainable. We don’t have to tell you about the numbers, trends and bad outlooks since the media are full of it. 

Instead, we will focus on showcasing the solutions. We will talk about the disruption in food production, climate change, apparel manufacturing, business models, collaborative innovation and best practices that will spare our planet and create great business opportunities on the other side. 

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Here are serial entrepreneurs, investors and world-known experts and leaders that will talk about these critical topics in the first program block of PODIM 2023

Fernando Sandoval 🔹 ENEL Group, Spain

Fernando is head of the Enel Innovation Hub Europe, which is the Enel Group’s link to the startup ecosystem across Europe. It fosters relationships with startups, SMEs, venture capitals and other important innovation stakeholders, to build upon the diversity and richness of the European “ecosystem of ecosystems”. Enel’s commitment to sustainable energy and innovation is truly inspiring, setting the gold standard for the energy sector.

Catalina Girald 🔹Halogen Ventures, USA

Catalina disrupted the manufacturing of women’s underwear by shortening the production cycle, decreasing pollution and innovating the value chain. After being on the cover of World’s leading magazines, she is in the process of selling the technology and investing her time and energy and money in sustainability startups.  

Moaffak Ahmed 🔹 Cooler Future, Finland 

Moaffak is a serial entrepreneur and hands-on early stage investor with over 25 years of marketing and business development experience in Europe, North America and Asia. He co-founded and sold company Trema which is today the global leader in high-end fintech solutions for financial institutions, central banks and Fortune 500 corporations. In ‘17 he founded SaaS company Cooler Future, which empowers individuals and businesses to make a positive impact through responsible investing.

Eva Sommer 🔹 Fermify, Austria

Eva is a passionate food scientist and entrepreneur, currently serving as the CEO and founder of Fermify. With a deep-rooted understanding and passion for creating delicious plant- and cell-based foods, Eva has dedicated her career to studying food on a molecular level and translating her knowledge into food prototypes. Eva has also co-founded the cultured meat company Peace of Meat which was acquired just 1.5 years after its incorporation. 

Markus Linder 🔹 inoqo, Austria 

Markus Linder is an impact entrepreneur and investor, focusing on globally scalable business models with a positive impact on biodiversity and climate crisis. He is the Founder & CEO of inoqo, a tech startup that supports consumers in making purchasing decisions aligned with their environmental and social values. Markus is also an early stage impact investor. Prior to inoqo, he co-founded Zoovu (formerly SMARTASSISTANT), a SaaS AI digital sales assistants, serving many of the world’s largest brands such as Amazon, Microsoft, Canon, Whirlpool and Unilever.

Tilen Travnik 🔹 Juicy Marbles, Slovenia 

Tilen is an experienced digital entrepreneur turned food-tech geek. He co-founded Juicy Marbles – a plant protein texturization company that developed a process and designed a machine capable of turning any plant protein in a delicious whole-cut steak. Juicy Marbles is a Y Combinator W21 company with serious VC funding supporting their global vision to more sustainable food-production.

Maurizio Rossi 🔹 World Economic Forum & ex H-Farm, Italy

Maurizio is a passionate entrepreneur since late 80s, been successfully involved in three major industries/sectors as luxury, action sport and innovation technology. He is a  Pioneer in the startup business and Venture Capital in Italy. He co-founded the H-FARM, one of the leading Innovation platforms in Europe. He is a member of World Economic Forum – European Digital Leader and an executive member of the Vatican Art & Technology Council, chaired by Arianna Huffington and a select group of worldwide senior technologists and art experts. 

If you are a startup, scaleup, investor, big or small company, private or public sector, you are responsible for our future. Let’s find out together where we can fit in the puzzle. 

You will learn from serial entrepreneurs, investors and world-known experts and leaders. 

See you there!

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