[PROGRAM BLOCK] Tough Times, Tough Leaders

“A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor,” said Franklin D. Roosevelt. And this program block is all about hard lessons, shocking stories and brilliant insights of the most experienced entrepreneurs, the world’s leading technology experts, leaders and renowned investors. 

They will have valuable lessons on navigating through tough times and making it out alive.  

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Here are our captains:

Rose Hartwig 🔹 Marketing Fluency, USA

Rose Hartwig is a global marketing and tech executive who advises boards and C-suite leaders on transformational brand and growth strategies. Based in Silicon Valley, she has more than 20 years of experience working at the leading edge of emerging trends and technologies with startups and global organizations including Peloton, Google, Cohesity and Meta.

Maurizio Rossi 🔹 World Economic Forum & ex H-Farm, Italy

Maurizio is a serial entrepreneur and investor with over three decades of experience in the luxury, action sport, and innovation technology industries. He is currently a member of World Economic Forum – European Digital Leader and advisor or member of board of advisors at several renowned organizations or projects. Throughout his career, Maurizio has held various roles, including CEO, Board Member, Creative Vision-Strategist, Investment Committee, and Mentor, among others. In the past, he co-founded and led H-Farm, an investment and development platform for technology startups.

Gregor Potočar 🔹  Infobip, Slovenia 

Gregor is an experienced manager with over two decades of expertise in leadership, sales, marketing, and business development. He is currently the Chief Revenue Marketing Officer (CRO) at Infobip, a leading cloud communications platform that helps businesses build connected customer experiences across all stages of the customer journey. Before joining Infobip, Gregor held several leadership positions, among others at SAP and Microsoft, where he played an instrumental role in driving growth and success.

Zoltan A. Vardy 🔹 The Launch Code, UK & Hungary 

Zoltan Vardy is a startup mentor, trainer, and speaker who helps B2B tech founders struggling with sales to build predictable, recurring revenues by teaching them how to focus, structure and scale their sales and marketing activities globally. His blueprint, called The Launch Code, is built on the principles, tools, and techniques Zoltan used to close $2 billion in B2B sales over his 30-year global career as a C-suite executive, entrepreneur, and investor. Zoltan has helped 200+ startups in 25 countries to build predictable, recurring revenues.

Caution! This program block may not be suitable for sensitive individuals or those with heart conditions. It could get a bit rough and unpleasant.

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