Swiss-Based ZenOwn, Podim 2021 Pitching Competition Finalist, Has Raised €1.4 Million

ZenOwn – an innovative Swiss start-up with a vision to revolutionise the post-purchase experience – has raised €1.4 million in the seed round led by SICTIC investors and other prominent European VCs and business angels.

Co-founders Blaz Bevc and Ladislav Klinc say that they have seen pre-purchase and purchase being revolutionized over the past 10-15 years, making it easier for consumers to browse and buy products, while post-purchase has remained outdated.

The 2019 founded startup offers a platform that makes it easier for consumers
to keep track of their durable products, find product explanation videos, insure products
with just one click, repair products and empower the circular economy by enabling an easy
sell or give-away at the end of the product’s life cycle.

They already collaborate with over 10.000 users, brands, retailers, insurances and service providers, including leading consumer goods companies, such as Equa, insurance groups and leading insurtechs, such as LINGS by Generali Switzerland, and service companies, like Mila, the leading European on-demand tech service.

“It all started when I was looking for the receipt of a broken washing machine that needed to be repaired. I ended up searching through my messy drawers where I had stashed tons of product documents! I thought, ‘Surely I can’t be the only one that thinks that there must be a better way.’ I tested the idea with a few friends, double validated it with potential consumers… and then we’ve got the ball rolling,” said Blaž.

During due diligence time, SICTIC investors saw a clear opportunity in Zenown. Daniel Buzaglo, SICTIC Investor & Board Member, explained: “Firstly because of the value that the team led by Blaz & Ladi brings, plus the way ZenOwn strategy tackles a consumer’s pain point while being useful to brands, insurance companies, trade, and fintech.”

With the money raised, ZenOwn plans to further expand its team on tech and business sides to increase the feature offering and accelerate its presence within Europe.

ZenOwn’s potential was also recognized at last year’s Podim Pitching Competition where Blaž managed to cut through the Demo Day, Semi-finals all the way to the Finals, where he pitched in front of 8 renowned investors: Francois Mazoudier (TMRW), Julien Coustaury (Fil Rouge Capital), Tatjana Zabasu Mikuž (South Central Ventures), Rina Onur Sirinoglu (500 Istanbul), Michael Schuster (Speedinvest) and Itziar Estevez Latasa (Irisi Capital).

“Thank you for hosting us at the Podim and having us at the Finals, we very much loved the programme and made great investment contacts,” Blaž wrote to us after the event.

Happy to help!

We are truly honoured to host such an ambitious startup at the Podim. Congrats ZenOwn!

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