Top 8 sights to experience in Maribor

The relaxed and pleasant pace of the city of Maribor is the result of its diverse history. Discover the sights of Maribor that have greatly influenced the city in the past and still affect it today.

1. Old Vine House

On the façade of the Old Vine House in Lent, the Old Vine – the world’s oldest vine – has been growing for more than 400 years. The House used to be a part of the city wall. Today, it is a temple of the wine tradition and culture of Maribor, including a wine shop, a wine tasting room, and a souvenir shop with local products. Visit it during the Old Wine festival, its pruning, any other major wine events, or whenever you choose!

2. Castle with the Regional Museum Maribor

In the center of the city is the famous Maribor Castle, which was built by Emperor Friderik III in the 15th century for the purpose of fortifying the northeastern part of the town wall. Today, it is the home of the Regional Museum Maribor, with a rich collection testifying of the archeological, ethnological and cultural history of the Maribor region. Explore the history of Maribor among the old castle walls!

3. Vinag Wine Cellar

In the center of the city, underneath the Trg svobode square and further on, is one of the largest and oldest classic wine cellars in Europe. Wooden barrels, concrete cisterns, bottles with patina have a total capacity of 6 million litres!

4. Water Tower

A mighty Renaissance fortress from the 16th century stands directly in Lent abutting the Drava River. It was built out of fear of Turkish invasions. Today, it stands on foundations higher than the original ones; these were raised due to the increase of the water level at the completion of the dam in Melje.

5. Synagogue and the Jewish Tower

The Jewish Tower, built in the second half of the 15th century, can be found next to the synagogue at the square Židovski trg. In former times, the town’s master watchman lived there. Today, you can visit the tower and look at photographic exhibitions of the photo club Fotoklub Maribor. The approximately 600-year-old religious center is now a cultural space for concerts, exhibitions, literary evenings, and other events.

6. Glavni trg square with Rotovž Town Hall and Plague Column

On the Glavni trg square, you can still feel the history with the hustle and bustle of the town life – it is surrounded by famous buildings, among which is the Town Hall or Rotovž. In the center of the square stands the Plague Column – depicting the image of Mary – which was initially built in the 17th century, when one third of the population died from the plague in Maribor.

7. Slomškov trg square with the cathedral

In the Slomškov trg square stands the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist, the seat of the Archdiocese of Maribor, originally built in the 12th century, and the statue of the first Slovenian saint, Baptist Anton Martin Slomšek. The tower features the exhibition of the Guardroom on the Tower, showing the past life of a fire guard who lived in the tower.

8. Žički Mansion

The hidden space in the middle of the historic part of the city, is the venue for selected events and culinary delights. In the magical atrium of the long-decaying century-old mansion, there is a new story brought to life with carefully planned and selected events that give a new mark to the medieval mansion as well as the city itself.

Enjoy Maribor!

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