Why Should Established Companies Empower Their Employees for Innovation, and How Can They Do It?

The Podim Conference is a unique opportunity to take your career as an innovation manager to the next level.  

With the help of innovation, companies develop new products and business models or make their operations more cost-effective, ensuring their long-term survival and success. The emergence of new technologies and increasing competition pressure from startups compel companies to change their existing approaches and product portfolios. 

Many renowned companies have already fallen short on this test, being “destroyed” by startup companies or breakthrough solutions from innovative firms that boldly embark on the path of internal innovation.

Therefore, it’s crucial for established companies to empower their employees for innovation by embracing the entrepreneurial culture of startups and utilizing the latest tools, approaches, and technologies. 

You can get all of this in full swing at the PODIM conference! Networking with startup entrepreneurs, who enthusiastically leverage new technologies and shape new business models, will inject your colleagues with a surge of positive energy and motivation for accelerated innovation.

WHY should you join today? 

Unlock innovation at Podim 2024

In a world of constant change, innovation is key to success. Join us at Podim 2024, where the realm of startup and tech conferences opens up countless opportunities. While it may seem daunting, engaging in these events offers numerous benefits. Discover why Podim, a key gathering in Central and Eastern Europe for startups and technology, is a must-attend opportunity for traditional industries looking to stay ahead and boost their innovation capabilities.

Demystifying the unknown: bridging the gap for traditional industries

There’s a common myth that the cutting-edge technologies and business strategies showcased at PODIM are exclusive to the digital elite, leaving well-established, traditional companies out in the cold. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. PODIM serves as a catalyst for innovation, showcasing and explaining new technologies in ways that benefit all industries. It offers a rare opportunity to discover how digital advances can streamline workflows, improve customer service, and tackle long-standing challenges with fresh, efficient approaches.

Embrace the future: uncover hidden opportunities at PODIM

Investing in a conference like PODIM may feel uncertain at first, but the rewards extend far beyond the immediate benefits. By immersing yourself in emerging technologies and networking with visionary thinkers, you’ll uncover invaluable insights, forge strategic partnerships, and explore innovative avenues beyond traditional R&D efforts.

Don’t miss out on the chance to leap into the future. 

Matching strategies: finding common ground in business models

Moving from traditional business practices to a startup mindset is a profound change. However, innovation thrives in an environment rich with diverse ideas, viewpoints, and approaches. PODIM facilitates this evolution by equipping established companies with lessons in agility, risk-taking, and customer-centric innovation, fostering a corporate culture that is ready to adapt and thrive in a rapidly changing landscape.

While startups and traditional industries operate differently, this contrast inspires creative problem-solving. At PODIM, participants gain insights into how startups adapt their strategies to thrive in different environments. These insights can strengthen your core business, generate new revenue streams, and increase your competitive advantage.

Learning from experts at PODIM

At PODIM, we’re excited to bring together technology professionals who have not only pioneered, but also successfully commercialized new products using cutting-edge technologies such as AI, machine learning, blockchain, and IoT. With more than 60 global experts, PODIM is full of insights and fresh perspectives. Engage with these innovators through talks, discussions, and hands-on sessions. Whether you’re intrigued by AI, eager to explore the potential of blockchain, or curious about IoT applications in real-world scenarios, PODIM is your destination. These learning opportunities are designed to both inspire and equip you with the knowledge and tools you need to navigate today’s technology landscape and improve your projects and businesses.

Building connections: partnering for tomorrow’s success

While networking is sometimes overlooked at tech events, PODIM stands out as the perfect platform for cultivating impactful connections that lead to future collaborations. This year, PODIM offers a unique opportunity to arrange over twenty focused meetings in just two days with some of the most promising tech startups from a pool of over 200 innovative companies.

In addition, the conference offers the opportunity to interact with a wide range of experienced experts and investors from Europe and the US, all eager to share their insights, experiences and resources. These interactions have the potential to spark partnerships that not only inject fresh ideas into your operations, but also streamline processes and seamlessly integrate new technologies.

Now is the time to seize tomorrow’s opportunities

In today’s rapid-paced world, innovation is paramount for staying competitive. Join us at PODIM in Maribor, Slovenia, where traditional industries and their leaders converge to explore the future. Discover unprecedented growth opportunities, connect with emerging technologies, and future-proof your operations. 

Don’t wait—the time for innovation is now.

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