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Driven by curiosity

Listen to what they say about Podim

It is a fact that Podim attracts curious minds. It is thought-provoking and puts your mind in the flow state. When you join us, you will learn from world-class serial entrepreneurs, investors, and innovation managers and mingle with key regional startups & scaleups and other ecosystem stakeholders. Podim has been selected as one of top 30 tech & startup events in Europe.

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Get your seat on the innovation roller coaster

The core of the Podim event program is to offer the latest know-how, tailored to the needs of our attendees. We are convinced that the best source for you can be found among the experienced founders from the most innovative startups & scaleups and corporations’ representatives, who are committed to sharing their best tricks, tools, and tactics on stage and through special hands-on workshops. Intentionally limited to accept no more than 1,000 participants, Podim is just the right size event to offer you easy access to personally meet with top-notch speakers and other participants. Attend Podim, learn from the best, and be ahead of the game.

"It's the place to be. Join us!"

Florian Kandler, GetFunding.how, Austria

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Innovative companies scouting for talent

Startups & scaleups and innovative companies are growing fast. Driven by talented and engaged individuals, they are always searching for like-minded people to help them grow and prosper. Use Podim, the most influential startup and tech event in the Alps-Adriatic and Western Balkans region, as your opportunity to expose yourself and your talent to them, connect with them, and find a job or a partnership for yourself.

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Infuse yourself with the spirit of optimism

Podim’s relaxed yet extremely productive atmosphere is ignited by entrepreneurial energy, enthusiasm and positive mindset. It is your gateway to infusing yourself with the spirit of optimism. Join us at special networking events, dinners, and Podim famous party. Just go with the flow and let the Podim vibe take care of the rest.


They bring knowledge, ferocity, inspiration, valuable experience and the most amazing stories of their success to Podim, live in Maribor!

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Experience the unexpected

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Thought provoking

“It’s really thought provoking. So many different participants from so many different backgrounds.”

Blaž Klinar, Zavarovalnica Sava, Slovenia

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Are you a researcher or a student?

Bringing academia closer to the startup ecosystem can release huge potential. That is why we are offering a limited number of passes at a special rate to ambitious academic researchers and students. If this describes you, check our offer and apply today!

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