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Hold onto your seats because we’ve got some exciting news for you! You have a unique chance to mingle with the brightest minds in open innovation, sustainability, digital transformation, talent management, and AI, all under one roof. These experts come from leading positions in renowned companies such as IDEO, ENEL, Techstars, Miro, Adidas, UiPath, Google, Infobip, MIT Media Lab, Infineon Technologies, and more. This is your opportunity to stay ahead of the game with the latest insights, best practices, and networking opportunities. Don’t let this chance slip away!

Here are some juicy details about the talks …

Digitalisation & Digital Transformation

Yicheng (YC) Sun, Design Director, IDEO

He will share his extensive experience on the challenge of initiating digital transformation within an organization and discuss how and where to begin, focusing on the crucial question of identifying the product or project that can ignite the digitalization fire within the company. By starting with the right product or project, companies can gain momentum, attract new digital enthusiasts, disarm skeptics, and secure additional resources to continue the transformation process. YC provides valuable advice to executive leaders of both startups and Fortune 500 companies. He helps them define a realistic product strategy, navigate the creative process, and create the necessary conditions for digital transformation.

The Power of Talent, Leadership & Diversity

Jair Halevi, Business Development Lead – VC Startups, Miro

Drawing from his extensive experience at Miro, Pygmy, Latitud, Airbnb, and other companies, Jair will share valuable insights and practical tips to help you create a thriving workplace culture and make the right hire. Jair is preparing an insightful talk on workplace culture and hiring strategies. These topics are crucial for startups looking to build a strong organizational structure, as well as for established organizations seeking to refine their practices.

Sustainable Future & Corporate Innovation

Fernando Sandoval, Head of Enel Innovation Hub Europe, ENEL Group

Fernando is spearheading innovation activities at Enel, a world-leading company in open innovation. To put things in perspective, Enel conducted business with over 2000 startups in 2021, forged partnerships with more than 100 new startups, and launched over 1000 projects. He will provide insights into their unique concept, Innovability®, which merges innovation and sustainability to create the necessary conditions for greater sustainability. This “Open” approach fuels innovation by engaging both internal and external stakeholders, allowing for a re-evaluation of traditional business models and the creation of new ones. Their current model is the evolution typical of corporate venture capital, for which they soon realized that the majority of the time was spent on financial questions, not on creating industrial value through collaboration with startups.

AI and Disruptive Technologies

Svetlana Kordumova, Co-founder & CEO, Pixyle.ai

Svetlana is a highly acclaimed AI specialist who co-founded Pixlye.ai, an e-commerce tool for fashion retailers that utilizes image recognition technology to improve catalog management efficiency and increase conversion rates, leading to boosted sales. 

She will discuss how businesses can harness the power of big language models like ChatGPT to enhance their operations rather than viewing them as competitors. 

Health Revolution

Mario Aichlseder, Founder & CEO & ex Adidas Runtastic, HELLO INSIDE

Mario is a seasoned professional who previously led the growth team at Runtastic, which was acquired by Adidas for a staggering 240 million EUR in 2015. Under his leadership, the company’s registered users grew to an impressive 70 million. After his tenure at Runtastic, he transitioned to a role leading the innovation and strategy team in Adidas. Currently, he is a partner in HELLO INSIDE, a scientific self-care company that helps individuals engage in data-driven conversations with their bodies, making it an exciting time to discuss the future of our health. 

He will provide a glimpse into the future of third-generation smart wearables, exploring the opportunities available to both startups and established businesses in this space.

Space Economy

Stephan Reckie, Executive Director & Astropreneur, GEN Space

Stephan is a highly accomplished expert in the space industry. His impressive track record can be found on his LinkedIn profile, which speaks to his status as a true superstar in the field. Additionally, attendees are encouraged to speak with Stephan, as he is known for being both super connected and incredibly approachable. 

Stephan will delve into the numerous opportunities available within the rapidly expanding space industry. He will provide valuable insights into where the biggest opportunities for tech companies can be found, which technologies are currently in high demand, and how to successfully break into the thriving world of “space tech”. 

Developing a Winning Ecosystem

John Hill, Evangelist, Techstars

John’s career has been focused on connecting people and fostering community growth. To say he is a “super-connector” would be an understatement. His reputation as one of the most well-connected individuals at the event precedes him, so be sure to keep an eye out for his green Techstars t-shirt. He will share his extensive experience in building meaningful communities, having previously worked at LinkedIn, About.me, EverTrue, and now Techstars.

Tough Times, Tough Leaders

Rose Hartwig, ​​Founder & Managing Partner, Marketing Fluency

Rose is a highly regarded global marketing and tech executive who provides advisory services to boards and C-suite leaders on brand and growth strategies. With over 20 years of experience working at the forefront of emerging trends and technologies, she has worked with both startups and established global organizations, including Peloton, Google, Cohesity, and Meta. With her extensive marketing experience, Rose is undoubtedly the most seasoned marketing professional at Podim. She will take us on a roller coaster journey of her experiences at Peloton, where she led Global Brand, Product Marketing, and Consumer Strategy during the tumultuous pandemic period from 2020 to 2022. 

Check out the complete lineup …  

Check out the complete lineup of 70 international speakers, all set to deliver captivating talks across 14 thoughtfully curated program blocks spread over 3 stages in the Maribox conference center.

But wait, there’s more value to Podim! Check out the Podim Deal Room!

As if the great program was not enough, you’ll also have the chance to connect with over 200 hand-picked, high-energy startups from the CEE and Balkan Region. All of them are raring to go and eager to network with you in our dedicated matchmaking arena – the Podim Deal Room. Are you ready to smash the record of our Deal Room Ninja, who had a whopping 26 meetings in just 2 days last year? We definitely are!

Look at key stats about this year’s batch of startups on the link below.

So, what’s your excuse for missing out on this opportunity? None! See you at Podim!

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