[PROGRAM BLOCK] Developing a Winning Ecosystem vol.2

Nothing changes if nothing changes, that’s why our NEXT program block is a tribute to innovators, academics & thinkers.

There’s no secret building a safer, kinder, healthier world is a responsibility we have to the future generations coming after us. New technologies are the ones we rely hard on bringing the impactful changes our home planet desperately needs, and no one works harder than Deep-Tech. But what exactly do these two significant words mean?

​​UK’s leading Deep Tech industry association TechWorks once described Deep Tech innovations as “technology that is based on tangible engineering innovation or scientific advances and discoveries”. Combine it with research-development institutions like universities, put in the middle a pinch of startups, and you got yourself a more sophisticated version of Dexter’s laboratory. Sounds mind-blowing, doesn’t it? And it is!

The fundamental focus of Deep Tech is to pioneer new solutions that solve society’s biggest issues like chronic disease, climate change, clean energy and food production, meaning they are striving towards real change for our planet, society and humankind. But what are the challenges of developing Deep-Tech startups? And how can corporations, world organizations and all other business enthusiasts get more involved? Our next program block and its speakers say: “Let’s get to the bottom of this Deep-Tech together!”


Dr. Dubravko Babić

co-founded and served as a vice president of RF electronics at Eridan Communications, Inc., a start-up company developing software-defined RF transmitters for wireless communications. Now he serves as a part-time managing director at the company.

Matija Srbić

is a co-founder and the CEO of startup Noomly, while also being a startup incubator program director of the Innovation Centre Nikola Tesla and Start-up incubator SPOCK of the University of Zagreb. He is also a senior associate of the Zagreb Innovation Centre. 

Naveed Syed

is an ex international growth director at Crayon, the founder & CEO of Network Development Hub GmbH, a global expert member at Consilience Ventures, a mentor at INiTS Vienna’s High-Tech Incubator and BIRD incubator, while also being the CEO/founder of Academia Of Excellence. 

Matija Gatalo

is a co-founder & managing director at ReCatalyst, a company that is REvolutionising the way we make fuel cell CATALYSTs. He has a Ph.D. in chemical sciences in the field of proton exchange membrane fuel cells. He works closely with the National Institute of Chemistry as a postdoctoral researcher.

Jakob Gajšek

is a co-founder of ABC Accelerator and the current chief executive of the Ljubljana University Incubator. He is committed to building a startup ecosystem, looking for people with ideas, educating them and connecting them with already established entrepreneurs.

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