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Podim Riddle: How to achieve a win-win in business? Let’s find out!

What do the terms “Getting funded” and “Exit Strategy” have in common?  Both of them will be presented to you at Podim 2022, which is – by the way – super close! But let’s get back to the business for a moment!

Getting funded is most definitely an important moment in a company’s life. Simply put, it costs money to start and scale a business, so funding is one of the most important ongoing activities of every fast-growing company.

But just like getting funded is the beginning of an era, the successful exit is the end of one. It’s certainly not an easy thing to achieve, but we all love a happy ending, don’t we? With that in mind, we will dive deep into it with the help of the founders, investors and advisors who will share their experiences on how to go out with a bang and not hurt your own company or employees in the process.


Francois Mazoudier

is a serial tech entrepreneur, investor and advisor, a founder & chairman of TMRW Tech Hub, south London’s no1 workspace for fast scaling Businesses, as well as a founder & CEO of Fundraising Bootcamp.

Tatjana Zabasu Mikuž

is the managing partner at South Central Ventures, an early-stage VC​ fund primarily active in the Balkans, with extensive experience in the fields of finance, organization and fundraising for startups. 

Domen Ščukovt

is a CEO, co-founder and member of the management board of Slovenian company Sensilab.  For the last 32 years, Domen has also been the owner of Buras d.o.o.

Monika Kek

is an experienced CEO of BluHeera AG, a Switzerland-based boutique consulting company, with a PhD degree and a demonstrated history of working in the financial services sector/energy industry. 

Luka Gubo

is the founder and CEO of Equito, capital markets director at Cryptix, founder of Blocktrade.com, currently on its advisory board, and quantitative fund manager of FT Quant.

Saša Sodja

is a partner and attorney-at-law at CMS Slovenia, a law firm with more than 70 offices in more than 40 countries and 4,800+ lawyers worldwide.

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Tuesday, 17th May | 14:30 – 15:40

PANEL: Successful Exit from the Perspective of the Founder, Investor and Advisors

Tuesday, 17th May | 15:40 – 16:00

TALK: Empower Your Community – How we Helped Raise 22 Mio EUR in Crowdfunding

Wednesday, 18th May | 12:00 – 13:00

WORKSHOP: How to Raise Money in London?

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