[PROGRAM BLOCK] Space Economy

Our next program block is one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.

Ever since Neil Armstrong walked on the Moon, fascination with space was and is inevitable. With the biggest visionary of our time, Elon Musk, the space industry is no doubt in the era of rebirth. Musk’s company SpaceX has transformed the space industry and is working to make Mars colonization a reality, taking the understanding of the opportunities of the space economy to an entirely next level. 

Industries like transportation, manufacturing, electronics, energy, construction and hospitality are all diving deep into the space infrastructure, upstream and downstream technologies. Launching a business in space is not mission impossible anymore, we just need to see it as the perfect opportunity to expand, grow and seize the galaxy!

Our next program block is doing just that in a perfect “solar-system harmony” with the best space experts in Europe’s space industry, all agreeing that space is definitely not the last frontier, but a new opportunity.


Anna Gregorio

is one of the top Italian scientists in the field of physics, a space entrepreneur and an assistant professor at the University of Trieste included in the list of top 100 most successful Italian women by Forbes Italia in the year 2020.

Anilkumar Dave

 is a senior partner at the innovation hub Infinite Area and a member of the advisory board at Global Entrepreneurship Network Space. He used to work for the Italian Space Agency.

Gianluca Dettori

is a chairman and general partner of Primo Ventures, where they are building a solid, performing highly specialised Italian early-stage venture firm. He is also the president of VC Hub Italia, a mentor at Algorand Europe Accelerator, and a board member of Transactionale and Sardex S.p.A.

Dejan Gačnik

is a technical director of SkyLabs, a space-technology oriented company working with partners like the European Space Agency, Syderal, SME4SPACE, OHB, NanoXplore and many others. He used to be the director of LOGICDATA d.o.o.

Martin Mössler

is the managing director of Science Park Graz and general manager of ESA BIC Austria. He is driven by a passion for innovation and entrepreneurship. Together with his team, they develop 20 high-tech startups per year.

Susanne Katzler-Fuchs

is the CEO of Brimatech Services, a market research and consulting company specializing in technology markets. She has a doctorate with a focus on technology marketing from the Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration.

Simon Chambers

is a managing director at Axsysnav, a space business consulting and investment company based in Toulouse, France. Simon has been working in the space industry for over 25 years, he used to be an engineer for the European Space Agency.

Goda Sivickė

is an innovation project manager at CIVITTA, a leading independent management consultancy in Emerging Europe. She used to be a project manager and a senior consultant for the Startup Division. 

Simone Carli

is a project manager of ESA Space Solutions Austria at Science Park Graz. He used to be a project management analyst for BTO Research, as well as an associate innovation manager for Intesa Sanpaolo.

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