PODIM 2015

| Collaboration between start-ups and established companies 


PODIM - this year in its 35th year - is one of the largest and leading conferences on entrepreneurship and innovation in the Alpe - Adria Region. It annually offers two days of intensive courses and networking opportunities

PODIM 2015 will focus on the topic “Collaboration between start-ups and established companies.” Each successful large company has a need for constant innovation that requires it to be a start-up company in a way, and each start-up company must wish to become as successful and magnificent as the leading company in the industry. Collaboration between big and small companies can lead to even greater success.

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Tristan Pollock
Mike Bott
The Brandery
Gina Waldhorn
Tristan Harris
Steve Keil
Sartaj Anand
Gary Whitehill
BURST, Dell EIR Global Board
Jouko Ahvenainen
Grow VC Group
Jan Kennedy
Academy for Corporate Entrepreneurship
Dominic Coryell
Alexander Guy
Startup Bootcamp
Soso Sazesh
Growth Pilots
Simon Cast
Mind the product
Mohd Zikry Kholil
Carlos Silva
Ivan Ivanković
Squee, Croatian Telecom
Monika Byléhn
Branko Žibret
A.T. Kearney
Niko Klanšek



Tudor Birlea /Collaboration between startups and established companies
Ivan Brezak Brkan  /Building a globally successful startup from scratch
Dawid Łaziński  /Achieving product/market fit and managing fast growth
Jozsef Szigetvari /Achieving product/market fit and managing fast growth
Kuba Filipowski  /Achieving product/market fit and managing fast growth
Iztok Hočevar /Product management
startup journalist (TBC)
Daniel Cronin /moderator day 2
Austrian Startups
Stefano Virgilli /Collaboration between startups and established companies
Martin Železnik /Deloitte fast 50 CEE – Research and Findings
Tomaž Stritar /Social entrepreneurship
Successful entrepreneur Institute
Luka Grah /Enterprise approach to operations and project management for startups
S&T Slovenia Enterprise approach to operations and project management for startups
Iztok Lesjak /Welcoming speeches
Initiative Start:up Slovenia, Technology Park Ljubljana
Dr. Miroslav Rebernik /Welcoming speeches
Conference Chair, Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Maribor
Hermes Arriga Sierra /Social entrepreneurship
Impact Hub Zagreb
Rok Uršič /Opening discussion with key stakeholders
Instrumentation Technologies / RED PITAYA
Libris Komunikacije HR
Gaja Zornada /Product management
Oksana Hoshva /Collaboration between startups and established companies
Hoshva PR
Blaž Kos /Discussion Moderator
PODIM organization team
Matej Golob /30lean
Peter Frankl /Finance
Yann Girard /Building a globally successful startup from scratch
Lifestyle Entrepreneur
Sašo Papp /Day one moderator
Day one moderator
Thibaut Rouquette  /Collaboration between startups and established companies
mag. Maja Tomanič Vidovič /Pozdrav udeležencem
Slovene entreprise fund
Tristan Pollock /How I did it and what I have learned along the way
Mike Bott /Speed dating between startups and established companies
The Brandery
Daniel de Gruijter /Social entrepreneurship
Gina Waldhorn  /Building a Bridge Between Brands & Startups
Tristan Harris /Product design and design ethics
Steve Keil /An honest discussion about what it really means to be an entrepreneur
Sartaj Anand /Technology Trends and Future Unicorns
Gary Whitehill /Stop at nothing, achieve everything
Jouko Ahvenainen /Digital Finance Ecosystem
Jan Kennedy /Corporate Entrepreneurship Today
Academy for Corporate Entrepreneurship
Dominic Coryell /How to build a framework for consistent growth
Alexander Guy /Mentor - startup relationship, how to find a perfect mentor as a start
Startup Bootcamp
Soso Sazesh /Growth hacking and paid marketing/acquisition
Growth Pilots
Simon Cast /Product management in practice
Mind the product
Mohd Zikry Kholil /Social entrepreneurship
Carlos Silva /Crowdfunding
Ivan Ivanković /Collaboration between startups and established companies in the Alpe-A
Squee, Croatian Telecom
Monika Byléhn /Opening discussion with key stakeholders
Branko Žibret /An honest discussion about what it really means to be an entrepreneur
A.T. Kearney
Niko Klanšek /Crowdfunding success story
​Chris Chabot /Living in a mobile future
Tomasz Rudolf /Corporate-startup relationship
Gabriel Dombri /How to prepare a presentation to pitch your startup to a brand
Kate Leto /Product management

Attract Capital 

/ PODIM Challenge

Are you looking for a VC investment? Pitch your idea to TOP global investors in front of the audience, get first-hand feedback on your idea or even attract an investment! 

You will pitch to:
Even more investors will be in the conference audience. The chosen companies will have the opportunity for 1:1 meetings with them.

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KWF & Friuli Innovazione

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    Gala Evening Event


    Start-up of the year 2015



    Start:up Slovenia is a national competition of start-up companies. The aim of the competition is to recognize the best entrepreneurial teams and start-up companies in the Slovenian environment, provide them with professional support, potential investor contacts and promote them to the general public. The competition is an obligatory element of the Slovene Enterprise Fund grant P2.






    Venue in the Alpe-Adria Region




    Attendees' Feelings about PODIM

    • Matevž Petek / Povio
      PODIM always brings the best entrepreneurs from our region to one place."
    • Jugoslav Petković / entrepreneur
      PODIM, with its enviable thirty-three year tradition, manages to attract the best speakers and numerous participants each year."
    • Živana Žerjal / sportwip
      PODIM conference is a great opportunity to get inspired by amazing lectures, roundtables and workshops. It’s a “must-go” event where technology, entrepreneurship, internet, remarkable people & ideas meet."
    • Tadej Gregorčič / Motiviti
      Slovenia is home to lots of impressive start-ups and start-up founders, many of whom look forward to May when they can get together in a relaxed and wonderful environment famous for its team building and offers of outdoor activities. The local ecosystem is on the rise and PODIM is an important part of it!"
    • Matej Golob / 30Lean
      First figure out why you want to attend the biggest entrepreneurship event in Slovenia. When this is clear to you, take full advantage of it. Visitors, content, speakers. Your moves, your result. JFDI!"
    • Igor Marjanovič / OOG
      A well-organised conference with quality speakers. A must-attend event for everyone embarking on their own entrepreneurship path."
    • Andraž Tori / Zemanta
      PODIM brings together the best of what this region has to offer in entrepreneurship."
    • dr. Eva Zupančič / Sunesis
      PODIM is an excellent opportunity for networking and establishing contacts, especially suitable for young technological start-ups."
    • Matej Gaser / Nizkocenovci
      Excellent speakers but especially a very good opportunity for pitching to venture capital from Slovenia and abroad."
    • Tadej Jevševar / Chipolo
      The PODIM conference is a chance for start-up companies to meet leading representatives of the industry as well as a great opportunity for acquiring new knowledge at excellent lectures by the best speakers in entrepreneurship."
    • Gregor Cuzak / Marand / Trokot
      PODIM isn’t a start-up, but it acts exactly like one."
    • Borut Jeglič / Foora
      If not for meeting interesting people and looking for ideas at great lectures, it’s worth it to come to PODIM for a good dose of positive energy at the least. All participants and lecturers are full of enthusiasm, motivation and ideas for how to make our world better."
    • Jose Antonio Morales / Lincoln Island
      The first time I attended I got inspired by a keynote speaker to start what today is called the Fear & Fail events, the second time I was invited as a speaker! The promise of most conferences is great networking but they often fall short; PODIM delivers a platform for effective networking. Start something at PODIM! "
    • Lojze Bertoncelj / 30lean & Delaj vitko
      PODIM are two days in the year with the biggest value added, if you’re prepared to take it. PODIM definitely mobilizes you."
    • Martin Blazinšek / Enolyse
      PODIM is an excellent conference at which you can meet your role models in person as well as get to know new people and future coworkers."
    • Dr. Mark Pleško / COSYLAB
      PODIM, with excellent speakers from Slovenia and the whole world, is the biggest and best start-up event in Slovenia, attracting a lot of visitors not only from Slovenia but also from the neighbouring regions. "
    • Matevž Medja / DsgnFwd – Design Accelerator
      Throughout the years, PODIM became an institution you can only miss at your own responsibility."
    • Ivana Florencia Oven / Čokoljana event manager
      At PODIM, I met a girl who later became a part of our team in the organisation Čokoljana, the chocolate fair in Ljubljana. On the other hand, the lectures and talking with the participants helped me get a lot of new ideas, motivation and support, which definitely contributed to the project’s success."
    • Peter Frankl / director and chief editor of newspaper Finance
      An excellent event for start-ups and entrepreneurship, one of the biggest and best in the region."
    • Miha Fabjan / SmartNinja
      This isn’t an entrepreneurship conference, this is a start-up conference! For everyone who is and will be in the start-up world, this is the place to be! Don’t miss it!"
    • Rok Jurečič / LACEnano
      PODIM is an excellent combination of top-notch speakers, interesting debates and meeting the right people."

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